At home in the heart of Westphalia

The Kaiserau SportCentre is home to the offices of the Westphalian Football and Athletics Association (FLVW), which is the sole operator of the SportCentre. The Kaiserau district was built at the end of the 19th century as a miners' settlement and is now part of the Methler district of Kamen. The street of the association's headquarters is named after the long-time FLVW president and Lippstadt mayor Jakob Koenen.

The eastern Ruhr area has always been the home of Westphalian athletics and football. The Kaiserau SportCentrum has existed in its present form since 2006. Until then, the grounds had undergone numerous stages of development, beginning in 1949 with the relocation of the Westphalia Football Association from Hamm to what was then the Kaiserau Youth Home in Kamen. Only one year later, the association was the owner of the 4.5 hectare site. The inauguration of the sports school followed in 1952. By then the first extensions had been completed, the dormitories had been converted into smaller rooms and the office was housed in a new wing. The sports school could now accommodate 75 people.

Another sports field and gymnasium followed in the 1950s. Capacity was expanded to 105 people. By the 1990s, various other gymnasiums for basketball, track and field, football and other sports followed. The grounds now also include three grass fields - one with a modern synthetic running track - two artificial turf fields, and a variety of amenities from massage rooms to a jersey laundry.

In constant change

Under President Hermann Korfmacher, who was elected in 2001, planning began for the expansion of the previous sports school. In May 2006, the SportCentrum Kaiserau - until June 2018 under the name SportCentrum Kamen-Kaiserau - was inaugurated. In addition to the SportSchool, it also houses the SportHotel and the SportCongressCenter. The hotel, designed as an athletes' house, offers a total of 48 rooms at an upscale level. The first prominent guest was the Spanish national football team in June 2006, who stayed in Kaiserau during the World Cup in Germany. The old sports school was also extended to include a CongressCenter with a rotunda for up to 250 people.

The site presents itself in a new guise, which remains a sports school with the best training facilities, but is also becoming interesting as a sports congress centre with numerous conference rooms and as a hotel for sports teams and private individuals.
Thanks to its relatively central location within Westphalia with excellent transport links at the Kamener Kreuz junction (with motorways 1 and 2 in the north/south and east/west directions respectively) and thanks to the railway station in Kamen-Methler, which is only a ten-minute walk away, the SportCentrum can be reached quickly and easily.