SportHotel and SportSchule closely interlocked

The idea of those responsible was to expand the association's headquarters, which had been known as the "Sportschule" since 1949, in order to remain or become attractive for recreational and popular athletes - but also top athletes - in the future. Just in time for the start of the 2006 World Cup, the sports school became the SportCentrum Kamen-Kaiserau with a SportCongressCenter and a SportHotel designed as an athletes' house. The players, trainers and the entire functional team of the Spanish national team were the first guests to move into their quarters here.

How does the SportSchool benefit now? FLVW Honorary President Hermann Korfmacher and his colleagues on the board at the time decided that the SportSchool would be cross-financed with the income from the SportHotel. Thus, the young footballers of the Westphalian clubs can also hold their training camps at reduced conditions, or track and field athletes, the recreational athletes and many more ...

New territory? A hotel is not a sports school. However, in taking the step into the hotel business, the association was able to rely on experienced staff who had already helped the sports school achieve an excellent reputation.
To this day, all guests of the SportCentrum benefit from their know-how, hospitality and the excellent Kaiserau cuisine. Chef Christoph Pech's Fitness Line convinces with fresh regional products, among other things.